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Founded in 1966, it has been producing drawn bars and coils for general uses for some years.
Its real take-off is linked to Rino Roda's decision to focus on cold molding, that is, cold plastic deformation. A technology that he had known thanks to his travels in Germany and already experienced, sensing its extraordinary potential. Bringing this technology to Italy, first of all, was a courageous and innovative choice that transformed customers from turners to printers, with virtually zero processing waste and allowed Trafilerie San Paolo to expand its range of action.  In fact, since 1973, the company has started an important process of specialization in the field of round and shaped steels for cold forging, acquiring a leading position in the national market. Trafilerie San Paolo has continued to grow by focusing on the qualitative aspects of the product and service, in 1989 it inaugurated the first bell furnace, in addition to the pit furnaces and adapted the internal procedures to ISO 9000.  In 1991 it obtained certification according to the current UNI EN ISO 9002 standard.

In 1992 it installed the hank-to-hank peelers, an important and demanding technology of which it still holds the exclusive today and which meets the needs of sectors such as automotive, aerospace oil marine and soft mills that require very high and constant quality. At the same time it diversified its production by including special steels and began conquering foreign markets. With a view to increasing attention to the enhancement of natural and human resources, Trafilerie San Paolo has developed internal procedures in line with the requirements of environmental management, according to the ISO 1400 series standards and of safety management, according to the BS8800, until reaching the integrated environmental certification issued by the Lombardy Region in the 2000s. In search of ever higher quality standards and to ensure an active presence in the difficult automotive sector, the project for the implementation of the internal Quality System according to the Technical Specification ISO TS 16949 has also started. Currently the company has 14 ovens and the activity takes place in an area of 8000 square meters covered on a plot of 21,000 square meters.

rino roda


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